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TGS 2015: Here’s the highlights of Sony’s presentation

TGS 2015 pre-event media session by Sony here with highlights

Sony announces Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Daze 2

Sony announces the sequel of Gravity Rush in a re-TGS media event

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax first international character trailer is here

Ever wondered how Asuna will fare against Kuroyukihime? Or Shana will able to land any blow on someone like Mikoto Misaka before gets zapped?

Koei Tecmo announces a new Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan game

New game based on popular anime/manga franchise by makers of Musou/Warriors folks is a towering marvel

A new Atelier Sophie game has been confirmed

Newest chapter of Atlier game is revealed and it still looks like a pretty standard JRPG fare.

Infinite Stratos 2: Love & Purge delayed to September

5pb is delaying the release of infamous harem franchise, Infinite Stratos, much to fans' dismay.

Otome visual novel Code Realize will hit the international market this year

Aksys is coming up with a new otome visual novel game called Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ by Idea Factory/Design Factory which will be available on the PS Vita.

Saekano is headed to the PS Vita

The romantic, harem series is getting its own PS Vita game

Cross Ange is getting a game

The infamous fan service lesbian mecha anime Cross Ange is getting a game. Wonder if the game will feature those intimate scenes too?

Samurai Warriors 4-II aka Sengoku Musou 4-II trailer is up

Samurai warriors who can take on armies are back with newest chapter by Tecmo Koei. But it is not direct sequel.