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Christopher Nolan in Akira?

Christopher Nolan might be game for a live adaptation of Akira?

Here are the latest rumours on Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season Six

Jon Snow was spotted doing his thing in Season Six. What could it mean?

Latest Nintendo NX rumours?

Here's a ton of rumours on the upcoming Nintendo NX

Organic or mechanical? Which web shooter will Spidey use in Civil War?

So which web shooter will Spidey use in Civil War? This might just answer it

New promo images of Captain America: Civil War are here

Images and rumours giving us some ideas on the members of both sides in the Civil War

Godzilla in Pacific Rim? Really?!

A possible crossover between Godzilla and Pacific Rim Jaegers? Yes! Please!

We might see Grand Moff Tarkin again in Rogue One

"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances."

Rickon Stark and Orsha returning for Season Six?

Left out from the novels, HBO brings them back to the narrative in Season Six

Naruto’s author is hinting at a new series

The legendary creator of Naruto is done with the ninja story and has his eyes on something else

Here’s a sneak peek at Star Trek Beyond’s new alien lead

Now we know how Captain Kirk's new love interest might look like.