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Godzilla in Pacific Rim? Really?!

A possible crossover between Godzilla and Pacific Rim Jaegers? Yes! Please!

Here’s some updates on War of the Planet of the Apes casting

The third installment of the Apes franchise is set to film end of this year and found its first human cast too

We might see Grand Moff Tarkin again in Rogue One

"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances."

Latest and last trailer of The Martian – Bring back Mark Watney

Perhaps the last and longest trailer of The Martian, it looks very promising with a stellar cast

The second season of Fafner EXODUS coming this October

Second season of Fafner EXODUS will be up and running this October

Donnie Yen shows up in first official Rogue One: A Star Wars Story image

The Asian superstar confirmed to be in Stars Wars universe with this image for Rogue One

The meaning behind the names in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

No midi-chlorians were harmed during the making of this movie

James Cameron talks about the delay of Avatar’s sequel

The famous and most profitable director in Hollywood explains the delay behind Avatar's sequel

HBO’s Westworld has a trailer

HBO is set to reboot the old Micheal Crichton movie into a series starting next year