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Amanchu Anime

Scuba diving manga series Amanchu! gets an anime next year

Aria's Kozue Amano scores again with Amanchu! adaptation, set for next summer.
Gakkou Gurashi Anime 1

Gakkou Gurashi! manga sales skyrocket, but Blu-ray & DVD sales not so much

Gakkou Gurashi! or School-Live! had mixed success and the anime sequel hopes looks a bit challenging. Despair and gloom for the fans of the series?

New visuals, commercials and characters revealed for Working!! season 3

New antics and laughs as crew of the Wagnaria eatery is back this year's summer.

More details on ARIA THE AVVENIRE

The visually beautiful and slow paced series is back for more rowing at Mars.

More details released on Classroom☆Crisis

The soft tone and relaxed atmosphere hints at what kinda anime series this might be.

Staff listing for Himouto! Umaru-Chan is revealed

The comedy series is going full steam ahead with the latest revelation of the staff members.

Yotsuba&! is back

One of the most beloved slice of life comedy manga series is back.

Lovely Muco! is getting anime adaptation

Fans who happens to be dog lovers, rejoice! Finally an anime features a shiba dog as main star.

Himouto! Umaru-Chan is set to be lazing around in July

Cuteness overload for July comes in the form of lazy sister who masquerades herself as a perfect student.

Re-Kan! anime is set to haunt this April

A slice of life story of a schoolgirl who can see the others is set to haunt the next anime season.