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Hail Hydra: Top 5 Changes to Comics Characters that were forgotten almost immediately

After recent unpopular changes to Captain America's backstory we take a look back at 5 awful changes to classic characters that were forgotten almost immediately.
Spiderman Funko Pop

Spider-Man gets Funko Pop figure

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just got even friendlier as Funko's Pop! brings the wall-crawler to your desk. Popular collectibles company Funko has announced their new...

Captain America: Civil War Review

After the mixed reactions to Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice can Captain America: Civil War live up to the hype?

10 Expected changes between Captain America: Civil War and the Comics

What differences can we expected between Captain America: Civil War and comic series of the same name?

Deadpool 101: His 10 best, and most awful, moments

We love that Deadpool is finally getting his movie done right. Here are some of his best and worst moments in comic and movie history

Some new details are out for three of Marvel’s upcoming blockbusters

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has dropped some new information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 movies; namely Guardians of the Galaxy Vol....

Organic or mechanical? Which web shooter will Spidey use in Civil War?

So which web shooter will Spidey use in Civil War? This might just answer it
Tom Holland new Spider-man

Tom Holland is set to be the new Spidey

Looks like Marvel and Sony finally chosen their Spider-Man and it is not Ender.

A new Spider-Man has been chosen

Sony and the MCU's new Spidey has been chosen and it's Asa Butterfield.

New scheduling in MCU as Spider-Man swings in

Let's see what is the new lineup and release dates for each movies in MCU now, shall we?