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Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers second trailer is out

The new Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers trailers reveals it'll be released in the summer

Watch the gameplay demo of XCOM 2 as shown at E3 2015

Let's check out an action packed mission where XCOM battles it out with enemies in E3 2015 gameplay demo

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void introducing the Liberator unit

Terran's arsenal has just got a new toy and it is called the Liberator.

Total War: Warhammer is announced

Creative Assembly turns to fantasy for their next game. Let's hope it is not as buggy as the last one.

10 Magic the Gathering: Fate Reforged cards you should have

The new Magic The Gathering deck, Fate Reforged, is out. Here are 10 cards you shouldn't do without as told to us by Kenji of The Tavern

Sid Meier’s Starships is taking off soon

Bye bye friends, loved ones and social life. Sid Meier is slapping another awesome game on our laps again.

New Fire Emblem coming soon

Fire Emblem If is announced by Nintendo for 3DS. More long hours of grinding and pairing favourite characters while kill off goblins in the same time.

Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Wars Z :Tengoku-hen announced

The mecha porn and orgy that is Super Robot Wars is back with a new installment for the PS3 and PS Vita. Expect a 2 April 2015 release

Valkyria Chronicles is coming to the PC soon

The hit 2008 tactical RPG from Sega will be available to PC gaming fanbois pretty soon