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How to diagnose a non detectable hdd

How to Diagnose a Hard Drive that Isn’t Recognised

Can't find that hard drive you just plugged into your PC? Here's how to find out what's wrong

Razer Ornata Chroma: almost the best of both worlds

In what seems to be a rather out of the box design decision on Razer's part, the Razer Ornata Chroma mechanical membrane keyboard is...
Lego Lazada

LEGO Malaysia has officially opened its online store on LAZADA

Forget dodgy online sellers. LEGO is now officially available on the LAZADA store
Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak will be coming to Malaysia

The Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak will be speaking at the 13th World Islamic Forum in Sarawak, Malaysia
Uber eats logo

UberEATS officially launches in Malaysia

Uber launches its food delivery service in Malaysia though it's currently limited to certain Kuala Lumpur neighbourhoods only
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 main pix

All hail the new Samsung Galaxy Note8

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 has been launched! Will the number 8 be luckier than the unfortunate Note7?

ASUS releases three new ZenBooks and two VivoBooks

Remember those laptops that ASUS launched in Taiwan this Computex 2017? well they've just officially launched them in Malaysia. The new devices are none other...

The MP3 is officially dead

That's right, the digital audio format most of us likely grew up to has finally been given the axe by its developer. It's unlikely that...

Acer’s new monitors are large and pretty affordable

Acer Malaysia's released three new monitors recently, with two aimed at gamers and one extra-large display with 4K resolution. First up is the Acer XR342CK, a...

CES2017: The HTC Vive gets wireless option, deluxe strap with audio

The HTC Vive is getting a few upgrades this CES, one of which is a very much welcome wireless version as well as a...