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Samsung develops faster Wi-Fi tech

Samsung announces a new Wi-Fi standard that promises to be the fastest that money can buy in the market soon. How fast? Let's check it out.

A working hoverboard actually exists!

The hoverboard isn't just a fantasy from the movies anymore with Hendo's working prototype

Apple takes charge with new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Cupertino based company unveils newest product, the iPad Air 2, not forgetting the smaller iPad mini 3.
Jabra Evolve series

New Jabra Evolve headsets: Made for knowledge workers

Cool headsets for people in the office

Dialog Hub opens its flagship store in Subang Jaya

New physical stores stocks hard to get devices and will be bringing in more

Razer unveils a games discount tracker app called Cortex

Cortex gives your inner deal finder a leg up by tracking all the deals and discounts from multiple online stores

The Apple iPhone 6 preview

Update 6/8/14: iPhone 6 gets a September 9 launch date

Western Digital bumps their Red drives up to a whopping 6TB

Time to bump up your personal NAS storage with these new higher capacity drives

LG heats up the audio game with Harmon/Kardon Bluetooth headset

LG partners with Harmon/Kardon for a set of cool Bluetooth Headsets