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Selangor Cyber Games 2017

The Selangor Cyber games is back for its fourth year

The Selangore Cyber Games is back for its fourth year running and this time, there's a RM180,000 prize pool!

Tekken 7 able to play with PlayStation VR

Bandai Namco recently showcased Tekken 7 at Paris Games Week, announcing the fighting game for home systems (PS4) at the same time. The home version...

Guess who is back for Tekken 7?

Yoshimitsu, the ninja-samurai-alien-ghost-demon-kabuki is back with lots of ways to reach his opponent. Literally.

Opening video for Tekken 7 arcade is here

Let's see a lovely family moment in the Mishima family and finally we got to see appearance of Kazuya's mom here too.

Tekken 7 arcade unveiled

Tekken 7 arcade machines coming to Japan.