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European team wins The International 7 despite China’s dominance; Malaysian player places third

Team Liquid from Europe destroys China and wins The International 7. They're now known as Team Solid.

The International 7 Main Event updates: One Malaysian player remains

Besides iG Vitality's early exit from the main event of The International 7, teams from China have been a dominating the tournament with ease.  You might be...

The International 7 Main Event updates: China dominates and South East Asia bows out

Remember how a couple of articles ago I mentioned that China wouldn't win The International 7? Yeah, I'm about to eat sh*t very soon. China...

The International 7 playoffs bracket: Two teams from the Philippines make it through

The group stage of Dota 2's inaugural event, The International 7, has come and gone. While most of the matches went exactly as predicted, there were still...

TI7 group stage day 1: LGD Gaming and TnC’s Raven shine

Last year, at The International 6, Fnatic -- which largely consisted of Malaysians -- was hot sh*t. While they didn't actually win the big one,...

FREE eSports content (including The International 2017) for Astro subscribers

If you're an Astro subscriber who also happens to love gaming, then get ready for some orgasmic news.  eGG Network just announced that Astro subscribers...

You can watch Dota 2 The International 2017 at TGV Cinemas

Tired of watching Dota 2's yearly major tournament -- The International -- all alone at home?  Would you prefer to watch it with a group of passionate...

Dota 2 Team Faceless disbands

Newly formed but very popular Dota 2 team, Team Faceless has just disbanded after failing to qualify for The International 7.  Team Faceless consists of XY-, Black^, Jabz, NutZ and their captain...

Understanding Dota 2 The International 7’s new format

Fans of Dota 2 AKA best game ever invented, will know that the most exciting time of the year is just around the corner. The International 7,...

TI 6: China bags the win, over $20 million in prize money given out

The International 2016 (TI 6) is finally over and this incredibly huge tourney has Wings (China) bagging the win! This time around, we had teams...