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Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 2016 is now out

The Compendium returns! The official companion to the Dota 2's World Championship series The International has been upgraded this year to be a full range...
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Na’vi disbands their DOTA 2 squad

Legendary Ukrainian e-sports team Na'vi has announced the dissolution of their current DOTA 2 squad after a string of disappointing performances this year. The team's TI5 performance this year...

A Pakistani storm is set to surge in TI5

The storm is coming and he has your name

The prize money for the TI Dota 2 Championship has hit US$15 million

Big, cool millions ready for the winner of this year's The International.

The International 2014 prize pool is now a whopping US$10 million

Who says it doesn’t pay to be a professional gamer. At least in the field of DOTA 2, they pay off looks mighty tempting