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Joker and Harley Quinn movie is currently in the works

I hate to be the person who goes on and on and on about the Warner Bros and DC sounding like a grumpy DC-hater....

More craziness from Warner Bros as Martin Scorsese set to produce Joker origin movie

Does anybody know what Warner Bros' plans are at this point? First, it looked like the DCEU was in a sh*thole. But after the...
XXRay By Mighty Jaxx

Here are the winners of our XXRAY by Mighty Jaxx giveaway!

Congratulations to all our winners. We hope you enjoy your awesome new figurines!

Check out what Jared Leto’s Joker looks like

Check out the radical take on the Clown Prince of Crime. What do you think?

6 DC characters that had a good year

2014 was a good year for DC but these 6 DC characters especially had a really good run and here's why