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Batman Vs Superman: Kryptonite interceptor Lego box

Batman vs Superman Lego revealed

Excited for the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie? Then you'll be even more pumped up for the Batman Vs Superman Lego set

Check out the real life Tamiya 4WD “Aero Avante”

Tamiya, the Japanese company that makes thr mini 4WD racing car we all know and love decided to embark on an age old dream...

Legoland Malaysia to open first ever Ninjago live show

Legoland Malaysia will be the first in the world to have Ninjago as a live show

Disney is making a Millennium Falcon drone!

Now you can really fly the Kessel run with this Millennium Falcon drone!

Check out Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy lineup

Can't wait till the next Star Wars movie? Why not get Hasbro's Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy lineup

This LEGO exoskeleton lets you be a Jaeger pilot. Almost.

Now if it were only a wee bit bigger.

Good Smile Company reveals the 1:8 scale Kaori Miyazono in all her glory

Kaori Miyazono, the violinist girl who stormed the anime scene now has a beautiful figurine