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Transformers the movie

A new Transformers animated movie is in the works

A new Transformers animated movie has been confirmed and it's going to be the first of many

John Cena cast as lead for Bumblebee spinoff

WWE Superstar John Cena has been cast as the main lead for the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff movie. Cena joins Hailee Steinfeld, alongside Jorge Lendeborg, Jason...

Transformers: The Last Knight Review

Oh god, oh god, please make it stop! No more Transformer movies please!

Michael Bay promises he’s finally done with the Transformers franchise

Haven't we heard this before? Michael Bay is beginning to sound like Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise. How many times has...

The latest Transformers trailer is average

Whether you're a supporter or hater of the Transformers franchise, you can't deny that the trailers have always been pretty dope. However, the same can't be...
transformers bumblebee

Five upcoming movie sequels we really can do without

Some things just shouldn't need sequels. But unfortunately, the movie industry keeps gracing us with movies that aren't...always the best addition to their respective franchises. It...

14 more Transformers movies in the works, somebody please kill me

OH. MY. GOD. First, you say there's going to be SIX more Resident Evil movies. Now, you say there's going to be FOURTEEN more Transformers movies. Did...

Check out the new (hopefully final) trailer of Transformers: The Last Knight

This is the best Transformers: The Last Knight trailer yet!

Catch a glimpse of the logo for the new Bumblebee movie

The peeps over at TFW 2005 have spotted something really cool! Hasbro, the multinational toy and board game company submitted a trademark application to...

Transformers: Forged to Fight has characters from almost every gen in game

A new Transformers mobile game in on the way from devs Kabam and Hasbro, and they released a new trailer for the upcoming game. The...