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Neo geo world tour malaysia

The NEO GEO World Tour 2018 is coming to Malaysia

Get Your KOF On With The Neo Geo World Tour 2018 In Malaysia

“Hitman: Agent 47” Review: Dumb, Fun, Action B-movie

Will this be another train-wreck of a video game movie or can we expect something better? We find out

Square Enix shows off a new Final Fantasy XV- Dawn video

Tender scene of father's bond to son is shown in Final Fantasy XV video here
Fallout for comic

Video games that need their own comic series

Video games have really intricate story lines, just perfect for comics. Here are a few that we think should get their own comic series NOW!

Anime style Star Wars video short is awesome

This space battle animation set in the Star Wars universe is a must see. Down with the Rebel scum!

Atari engineer Steve Bristow passes away

Video game pioneer Steve Bristow, an engineer during Atari's early days passed away last Sunday.

Video Games Live! is coming back to Malaysia!

After a three year absence we're finally going to get a show in August