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Mecha Storm Heroes of the Storm

This Heroes of the Storm trailer for its new mecha skins is all kinds...

This is what happens when anime and Blizzard collide

Warcraft Review

Is the Warcraft movie for the Horde, for the Alliance or for the bin?

Warcraft director Duncan Jones reveals new details about upcoming film

Jones talks about the changes he had to make to the final cut, what he aimed to do with the film and its themes,...

Lenovo to have Warcraft movie roadshows, tie-in merch, contests.

Win cool swag and get hands on with sweet gear. Lenovo has just announced a series of events to tie in with the Warcraft movie...

Win a free copy of World of Warcraft with your Warcraft movie ticket.

Filmgoers across the Southeast Asian region will receive a free digital copy of the game when tickets go on sale for the early June Purchases...

Second Warcraft movie trailer is now out

Feast your eyes on the spectacular effect on Azeroth's battlefield in this new trailer for the upcoming Warcraft movie

Legendary teases Warcraft movie with new trailer

The Warcraft movie is coming, and to kick start the hype train Legendary Pictures and Blizzard have revealed a little teaser to get us all...

We have some updates on the Warcraft movie from SDC 2015

Two images showing two sides of story in the upcoming Warcraft movie

The Warcraft Movie Trailer lets you soar in VR

New movie trailer for Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth gives you a birds eye view on gryphonback

First images from the Warcraft movie emerge

We have a first look at Warcraft movie and boy, it looks awesome.