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Nintendo is giving the Wii U the axe

Looks like Nintendo has finally decided to cease production of the Wii U system, to make way for the release of the Nintendo Switch. If...

Link shows off magic arrows in new gameplay video

While magic arrows aren't anything new to the Legend of Zelda franchise, the ones Link is firing off in this new gameplay video look...

Super Mario Mashup invades Minecraft: Wii U edition

Blocks are about to collide as the upcoming Super Mario mashup makes an official leap into the world of Minecraft: Wii U Edition.While fans have long made...

Star Fox debuts first ever animated short

Nintendo announced that the animated short, Star Fox: The Battle Begins will be streamed live this Wednesday, ahead of the debut of the latest installment...
Super Smash Bros Cloud

Cloud joins the fray in Super Smash Bros

Our favourite moody, spiky haired warrior from Final Fantasy 7 is joining the cast of Super Smash Bros, limit breaks and all! Most well known...

Star Fox Zero release delayed to next year

Star Fox Zero is getting delayed to Q1 next year so the devs can make the game even better

Squid Girl crosses over to Splatoon in the US

Nintendo of America has confirmed they will release Squid Girl costumes and crossover items to the U.S version of Splatoon Wii U game as...

Satoru Iwata has passed away

Nintendo's legendary Satoru Iwata that has become a quasi-cult hero has passed away

Is ZombiU shambling over to the PS4 and Xbox One?

The famous Nintendo Wii U zombie survival horror game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

LEGO Dimensions trailer at E3 2015 looks awesome

Everything is AWESOME!