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PewDiePie to make his channel more “family friendly” following revenue loss

With YouTube's latest advertisement policies going into effect, popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie has pledged to make his channel more "family friendly". Kjellberg has...

Maker drops Pewdiepie following bad conduct

Pewdiepie, YouTube's biggest star is in a bit of hot water following a batch of videos containing anti-semitic content. Felix Kjellberg (also known as Pewdiepie)...

Warner Bros. fully acquires Machinima

Warner Bros. has just announced that they have acquired Machinima, a Youtube prescence known for its gaming and fan works, in its entirety. Machinima will...

You’ll soon be able to watch HDR videos on YouTube

Not too long ago YouTube adopted 4K content and then 360 video, now they've finally added HDR videos to their list of supported content...

Check out Redman, the grittier Ultraman

The two minute long Redman series is all about kicking ass

Youtube Gaming is finally live in Malaysia!

YouTube Gaming is finally going to be live across Malaysian devices as the service rolls out for the country today. So far, YouTube Gaming has...

There’s now a 2D Facerig module to bring out your inner kawaii

If you guys remember seeing Pewdiepie in 3D on FaceRig's 3D facial emulation software, you can now bring out your inner anime person with...
movie trailer of 2015

Catch every single movie trailer of 2015 in this one video

Every year sees the passage of hundreds of movies, sometimes to the point you don't even remember what you have or haven't actually watched....
scare pewdiepie

Check out the teaser for YouTube Red’s Scare PewDiePie series

One of YouTube Red's first series is here, in the form of a teaser. Scare PewDiePie, a horror reality show which is exclusively available...
copyright strike youtube

YouTube is finally fixing their copyright system

YouTube's copyright system has given more than one YouTube creator a headache, and they're finally doing something about it. For those not in the know,...