The upcoming Garo: Kaminokiba live-action film just got a teaser video, and it reveals the show’s release date next year.

The teaser is a relatively short one but it reveals that the film will officially open in Japan come 6 January 2018.

The film will be focusing on Ryūga Dōgai, who is played by Wataru Kuriyama reprising his role. Keita Amemiya, the franchise creator is handling the script and direction.

Here’s some of the returning cast members:

  • Miki Nanri as Rian
  • Sakina Kuwae as Ryūme
  • Miyavi Matsunoi as Amily
  • Tomohito Wakizaki as Daigo Akizuki
  • Moka Komatsu as Haruna
  • Shigeru Izumiya as D Ringo
  • Momoko Kuroki as Yukihime

Without further ado, here’s the teaser: