The good thing about our technology today is that you can access large volumes of data in seconds. Many people are fond of asking people to ‘Google-it’ every time they are asked a question.

However, the greatest challenge is searching through the millions of web pages that have flooded the internet. To make it even worse is that you are not sure if the information you are reading is true or some cooked story by a blogger. This happens especially in topics related to gadgets like computers, mobile devices, new tech devices and many others. The good news is that sites like are dedicated to bringing nothing but the facts about trending technology topics.

What is Tech-Recipes Website?

If you are looking for a website that will teach all that you need to know about technology and technology solutions, is the most reliable website. The site was established in 2003 by a group of tech-savvies and it has ever since grown rapidly across the globe.

As an online publisher, Tech-Recipes is dedicated to elaborating the “How to” and “Why” or in the technology world. As of now, the site has over 15 million active subscribers and readers in the world. the team of geeks’ goal is to convert technology is a simple readable text for the lay people to understand. Their guides have helped millions of people to make right decisions when it comes to purchasing tech gadgets.

How does the site work?

As aforementioned, the site uses video tutorial and guides with an option for the readers to add comments. Literally, you will find hundreds, if not thousands of guides with relevant images and video clips. Another important aspect is that the site is updated regularly to ensure that readers stay up to date. Moreover, the site rewards its readers with gift certificates, caps, hats and t-shirts from time to time. This is an applaudable initiative by the management.

How is the site layout?

Without exaggeration, Tech-recipes has a well-organized interface but simple to navigate around. The Homepage has the latest trending tech topics that can redirect you to the specific category like Android, Internet, Database, Programming, Apps, and others. Additionally, readers can share their articles of interest on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and email. Also, the search box is available and using the right keywords, you can access any information in seconds.

Do they charge readers any fee?

All information updated on Tech-recipes is absolutely free. This is not like one of those sites with hidden charges and subscription fees. It is a cookbook for everyone willing to learn.

Is Tech-Recipes limited to some countries?

The secret for the rich content on Tech-recipe website is the worldwide community of readers who contribute different ideas. The site has a team of authors and writers comprising of students, entrepreneurs, programmers, and other professionals and experts in different fields. Their information is for the whole people of the planet to read.


Tech-recipes is a reliable tech website that has been delivering exactly what is stated in their Mission. In case you are looking for any how-to information internet, we recommend you pay a visit to this great site for precise and latest information.


David Kirk (aka Davak) has been a long time net junkie. He first received recognition in the late 90s for the now buried Moan and Groan Page. Computer Life, Internet World, and Information Week all highlighted the pro-consumer site that would influence future power sites like After taking some time off to develop his medical career, Davak is back developing web projects in full force. He welcomes meeting people through his facebook profile and twitter.

Quinn McHenry (aka Q) is the code monkey of the duo. He is a Biomedical Engineer and dabbled in neuroscience (ask him about the monkeys if you dare). You can also follow him on twitter.

QD Ideas, LLC

With the success of tech-recipes and the atypical backgrounds of the two, Kirk and McHenry formed QD Ideas as a way to fund future projects. Biomedical, computer hardware, and several web services projects are in development currently by the team.


The mission of Tech-Recipes is to organize the information of every single element of the technology in such a way that each article would clearly present the development of that particular element being described depicting its past, present and its future. We titled this as Tech Recipes. From smart phones to tablets, Android and iOS operating systems are driving the transformation of the digital market. We bring valuable news and productivity tips to Android and iOS users, allowing them to make the most of their devices, take advantage of hidden features, and download undiscovered app gems. The site filters through the latest app news to bring users the most important developments and uses the power of the tech community to provide expert tips, tricks, and how-to’s to increase personal productivity.

It would greatly help students getting prepared for their studies and also people of all ages to learn vital tricks and know the interesting features of technology easily. We also present you never ever heard amazing facts and also very motivating technical news from all the trending fields.

We take great care to make sure that every single bit of information present on our site will finally serve you and help you in gaining great knowledge in an easy way. We see through that everything we post is helpful, educational and instructive.