New character, Katarina

Tekken 7 arcade will be appearing in limited spots in Japan for testing beginning 22 November until 23 November 2014.

New fighters like Latino Savate practitioner Katarina Alves and the mysterious Italian Claudio Serafino make an entrance. There are rumours about Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi and an unknown Arabian fighter who will be joining the fighter roster in Tekken 7 too. The fighting system is based on one-on-one, not tag team like Tekken Tag Tournament. Two notable features are Rage Art and Power Crush.

Rage Art allows the player’s character to execute several unblockable moves that potentially inflicts 40-80% damage when his/her life is critical despite being hit by the opponent.

On the other hand, Power Crush lets players continue their attacks despite suffering hits from the enemy. However, it only functions for absorbing high or mid attacks.

A new system makes fighters spin sideways when they are hit while airborne, which gives more chances to hit after the characters reach the ground. The catch about the new system is, it does not allow for wall combos.

The game will be the first title to utilise the new Unreal Engine 4 engine and also marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

The announcement poster

The arcade machines will be available at Sega’s GiGO arcade in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Leisure Land in Akihabara, Round One Stadium in Sennichimae, and Taito Station at Tenjin in Fukuoka. First 100 players will get a surprise from the Namco Bandai too.

Namco Bandai will unleash the game to the world on Febuary 2015.


Via: Official Tekken Site

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