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Telltale drops some hints on their upcoming Batman game

Telltale games has dropped some new hints on whats to come for their upcoming Batman game

Some time back we heard that Telltale Games was making a Batman game series but they didn’t reveal very much. Now they’ve teased a bit more about the upcoming game and we think you’ll like it.

Like many of Telltale’s games, this Batman title will be using their character-driven formula while focusing on both Bruce Wayne and Batman as characters and choices you make as Bruce will influence what he faces as Batman and vice versa. There will be a lot of choices that will dictate whether characters go through “corruption or redemption” and you’ll even get the option of dealing with certain situations as either Bruce OR Batman. Its already sounding pretty dang good to us.


In terms of setting it will be set in the modern day, complete with the grit that’s associated with the Caped Crusader. Stylewise you should expect it to look like comic book come to life, much like what they did with their The Walking Dead games.

So far it looks like Telltale isn’t going to be rehashing much of the stories we already know about the Dark Knight so expect something pretty fresh. We don’t know if any of his companions (like Robin or Nightwing) be making an appearance and the villains are unconfirmed but we’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next update.