Guardians just showed that Marvel can do no wrong, even with relatively unknown characters

Seems like Guardians of the Galaxy will be joining Telltale Games list of adventure games very soon, cementing that tease they dropped in 2015.

The new info came about when a list of games affected by the video game voice actor strike was released. A list of games which had yet to get their voice talents was also released; and this little snippet appeared:

telltale guardians of the galaxy

The game is listed as Guardians of the Galaxy – The Video Game aka Blue Harvest, which is quite in tune with Telltale’s naming conventions when it comes to their tie-in titles, some of which include Batman, Back to the Future and Game of Thrones to name a few.

It’s definitely been a long time in the coming since they revealed they were working on something Marvel related way back in 2015, but with the strike who knows when it will be released.

But the bigger question remains, will it follow the comics, the films or be its own episodic stand-alone thing?