The wide cast of the game
The wide cast of the game

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the most famous Japanese game designer who bestowed Final Fantasy on the world is now spearheading his new studio, Mistwalker in making a unique mobile game – Terra Battle. The game has just surpassed the 1.5 million download milestone so as a reward, the players will get new characters designed by another legendary Final Fantasy staffer, artist Yoshitaka Amano.

What so unique about Terra Battle? Well,  the creator loves the KickStarter concept but he did not like the consumer dictated creative development approach so he is going with a new model of releasing content which he calls “Download Starter”. He is aiming to create interest after the game is created, for example: at 100,000 downloads a soundtrack by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame is released.  The ultimate milestone is two million downloads where the creator stated that he will releasing the game for current generation of consoles but he never elaborated in what form it will be adapted for consoles.

The game was released in 9 October 2014.

So far, the response has been quite positive, it is described as the most “game” like for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) so far. However, besides the new character designs, another feature that will be added in the game is the co-op mode which allows two players to help each other during games.

In detail, the co-op mode allows players to clear stages together, including that of story mode and co-op specific dungeons. After completion, both players will receive one free “Energy”. By clearing the co-op dungeons, players also have a chance to obtain summons. During his/her friend’s turn, the player can tap the screen to fill out their own Summon gauge which can activate monster once it is full in his/her own turn. By harnessing specific amounts of special loot, players can increase the level of their individual summons.

The Co-op update isn’t given a specific date yet but it is “coming soon”.

Source: Official Site

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