Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr
Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr
Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr

Hate cockroaches? You’ll definitely hate humanoid ones which might make you shiver to watch Terraformars. However, you now have a chance to bring the beatdown on these humanoid roaches with the game version of the popular manga turned anime.

Titled Fierce Battle of Crimson Planet , the game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS platform and was recently announced in the 46 th volume of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. Game developer FuRyu, whose portfolio included Unchained Blades and Exsetera will be responsible for the development of the game. In case you’re not familiar with FuRyu, it is a Japanese game developer responsible for many handheld games that have rarely been adapted outside the Japanese market.

So what can you expect? Terraformars: Fierce Battle of Crimson Planet features 3D battles between Terraformar characters like Shikochi duking it out with mutated, humanoid like cockroaches. From what we gather, it’s either going to be a beat-em-up style game or a fighting one. Unfortunately, there is not much details after this short blurb below.

The scan from ANN

The game is expected to hit Japan next spring and will retail price at 5980 yen (around RM182).

Not too sure what Terraformars is about, we have a bit of a summary of it in our Fall 2014 anime list here.

The manga was nominated for the Manga Taisho award in 2013 and also voted as the most popular title in the male category of Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Guidebook by the readers. Right now there is also an anime adaptation airing in Japan which is a joint effort by Warner Bros, LIDENFILMS and Mages.

Source via ANN.