terraformars trailer

Remember that live-action Terraformars movie we were talking about a bit back? the movie now has a trailer, check it out inside!

The fifty second trailer basically showcases the main cast and the terraformed martian landscape; their ship as well as their first, er, encounter with a bug. Said Terraformars are cockroaches who were deployed on mars to terraform the planet for human colonisation, but evolved into an alien race that pretty much wants to kill us instead.

terraformars poster

The movie will be handled by the prolific director Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Crows Zero, As the Gods Will), while Kazuki Nakashima (Gureen Lagann, Kill la Kill) will be writing the screenplay.

Cast include Hideaki Itō as Shōkichi Komachi, Emi Takei as Nanao Akita, Takayuki Yamada as Ichirō Hiruma, Shun Oguri as Kō Honda and Kane Kosugi as God Lee. You can check out the full fast here.

We’re expecting the movie will remain fairly faithful to the manga and anime adaptation because it’s really looking great so far.

Production is slated to end next February and will open on 29 April 2016. In the meantime, check out the trailer below!