Final Fantasy XV reveals more of itself during TGS 2015.


During its Tokyo Game Show 2015 Active Report Time, Square Enix lets prospective players take a peek at some new information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. The Kingdom of Lucis is the only one standing between Niflheim Empire and world domination via its crystal power. Its current guardian, King Regis able to wield weapons from thin air and has fought beside Cid and General Cor in his younger days.

To maintain the crystal shield in Lucis, the king is aging faster than normal. However tragedy struck when his wife passed away when his son, Noctis was still an infant. Lunafreya is a revered oracle with the ability to talk to the gods and is revealed to be the youngest ever known. She stays in city of Tenebrae which is under Niflheim control but still retains some autonomy thanks to Lunafreya’s divine ability. She is a strong willed person and not afraid to stand up to fully armed Empire troops despite being essentially defenseless.

The main thread in the story is the childhood promise between Noctis and Lunafreya. Square Enix did not reveal what it is yet (hopefully its not because of childhood love, been there done that). An important person behind Lunafreya is Gentiana, who has a role to play in the story too.

FinalFantasyXVfishing.0 FinalFantasyXVchocobo_ride.0

As far as gameplay is concerned, we now know that playesr can rent Chocobos up to 30 days which can be summoned anytime. Players can keep on hit the jump button to keep it airborne and it will follow players for awhile after you dismount it.

However, Final Fantasy XV does not allow players to raise or breed Chocobos but at least player can drift with the birds ala Initial D. There is even a segment that allows player to do fishing using various different rods for a meal in the camp.

Sqaure Enix said the Final Fantasy XV will have a simultaneous global launch on PS4 and Xbox One in March 2016.

Source: Square Enix Youtube Channel

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