At the TGS 2015, Capcom shows off two trailers for Monster Hunter Stories RPG for Nintendo 3DS. Not only they also revealed that an anime adaptation is underway.


The trailer shows the unnamed main character, a cheerful looking young adventurer who is known as Monster Rider. They are renowned for their ability to bond with the monsters and ride across the world. We also got to see the village and few characters that will play a role in the story. Then, we are treated with fast cuts of types of monsters available for riding or fly on, for that matter.

The protagonist was given a “Bond Stone” after completed his/her trial to become a Rider. With a little friend Felyne named Nabiru, the character set for an adventure. However, in the shadows, there is an entity that is up to no good looming…

Capcom also announced an anime adaptation that is going to be aired on Fuji TV and on a glance, it is geared towards younger crowd with cheerful and colourful designs. It has shades of Pokemon and Digimon in it so don’t expect any intense gore or human scenes in this series.

It won’t be surprising if the anime release coincides with the game which in 2016.

Source: ANN, Inside Games

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