Project Setsuna, Square Enix‘s mysterious game got a new title, trailer and release platform at TGS 2015.

The world got the wind of Project Setsuna during E3 this year, and now it has an official title.

The RPG title is now christened as Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna/いけにえと雪のセツナ or Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow, and being developed by brand new studio, Tokyo RPG Factory. It is set for a Japan launch on the PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

As Shown during E3 2015

The game was glimpsed at E3 2015 with a promise that it will emulate the footsteps of other famous titles such as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. No further details were known but this certainly plays on nostalgia here. Square Enix hints that the major theme is sadness,  since it is a play on the Japanese word “setsunasa” which means sorrow.

The trailer shows a fantastical setting, party centric and turn-based system like the good old days. Good news is, it will be marketed to the whole world but no launch date specified just yet.

Source: VG 247

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