CAPCOM just announced that their popular Ace Attorney franchise is getting the anime treatment. Announced at a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show, the courtroom battle game TV series will be premiering in Japan come April 2016.

The series has been around for quite a long time, spawning quite a lot of games since its release on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. Ace Attorney has also had a live action film adaptation in 2012 and several manga series following the adventures of our favourite attorney.

Like the game, the series will probably follow defense attorney Phoenix Wright as he takes his fight to the courtroom.

Phoenix wright game area
The demo zone in TGS 2015

Ace Attorney 6 is still in development for the Nintendo 3DS and they’ve also announced that they will be producing an international version as well, with the first release in Japan to happen in 2016.

The game will have our titular hero Phoenix heading abroad to a yet-un-named eastern country. In this strange new land the courts have magic mirrors and features a totally different system than we’re used to seeing. The theme this time is “courtroom revolution” which is probably going to bring a heap of new mechanics on top of new and mysterious locations.

via Anime News Network