Initially launched as a Kickstarter in early 2014, the Avegant Glyph video headset now has an almost-finalized production model that is going to hit the market later this year.

The Glyph is basically a VR headset that is both stereo headphones and a virtual reality headset all rolled into one, that can also be used as a regular pair of headphones when not being used to watch stuff. The best thing about it is you can plug it into any HDMI video source and watch, be it your smartphone or your computer or anything else that can steam HDMI content. The Glyph also has head-tracking so you can use it to experience 360-degree photos and photospheres as well as 360 degree videos.

This isn’t the 100% final product however, as the nose pads and lens covers haven’t been fully designed to cover the full range of human snozzes just yet, but we can expect that bit to be done none too soon.


Though what sets it apart from most VR headsets is that it uses micro-mirror projection technology instead of tiny LCDs or OLED displays. That way the image is effectively beamed into your eyes for crystal clear and detailed images. The field of view still needs work though, but at 45-degrees it’s already adequate for watching movies, which is what this headset is aimed for, general consumer use.

The Avegant Glyph will be retailing at rather painful $600 (RM 2186) which we can only hope will be somewhat revised when it does become market ready.

Here’s a peek at the headset in action:


via Engadget

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