Square Enix and Marvel have actually (maybe finally) teamed up to create multiple games revolving around The Avengers, and this debut teaser for the project teases spectacular things to come.

The Avengers Project will consist of multiple games, and the teaser shows off hints of multiple heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor just to mention a few. Their iconic bits of gear look like they’re in a serious state of disrepair, so maybe the games will be getting the team back together. Who knows.

Leading the development are none other than Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, the studios known for franchises like Tomb Raider, Deux Ex and Thief.

However, there’s no indication what and when these Avengers games will make their respective appearances, but Square Enix says they’ll reveal more in 2018. Dangit. Doesn’t help that Avengers: Infinity War will only be out that year as well.

Either way, check out the teaser below!