Deadpool poster 2

Yesterday 20th Century Fox released a wonderfully awesome teaser for the Deadpool trailer which was very much in the spirit of the Merc with a Mouth. Today, we get to see Deadpool in his full glory in the new trailer. Is it everything we’ve been hoping for?

If we’re going to judge a movie based on its trailer, then Deadpool has pushed all the right buttons. It’s everything we’re hoping to see in a Deadpool movie. There’s just the right amount of violence and most importantly, Deadpool style funny.

The titular character in full glory
Are you going to touch yourself after watching this?

There are two trailers available, the R-rated, red band version which is pretty NSFW. And then there’s the slightly more watered down green band version, which although lacks the cussing and pure violence of the former, it still manages to capture the essence of our favourite Merc with a Mouth from the comics.

Do enjoy both trailers below, we know we did. Hopefully, the released version will be the full on R-rated version because anything else would just be a cop out.

Deadpool is expected to hit cinema in February 2016.

Here’s the watered down, pansy green band version of the trailer

And here’s the awesome full on Wade Wilson, R-rated, NSFW version of the trailer

Source: 20th Century Fox Youtube 

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