The first teaser trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle dropped recently via Taron Egerton’s Twitter account, check it out!

It doesn’t appear like much at first, but the trailer has about 4 seconds of an intense amount of clips from the film.

The sequel will see Eggsy (Egerton) going abroad to join forces with the United States’ version of the Kingsmen superspy network, the Statesmen. The trip follows an attack from Poppy (Julianne Moore) who is one of the world’s most dangerous villains and successful enterpreneurs. The trailer also reveals some of Eggsy’s allies from the previous film, including Roxy (Sophie Cookson) and Merlin (Mark Strong) followed by the crew’s American counterparts; Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal.

Also Harry Hart (Colin Firth) who was seemingly killed in the previous film is apparently making a comeback but there’s no sign of him in the teaser.

If you couldn’t catch all those details, this awesome Youtuber has slowed the clip down so you can see everything a little better.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will hit the screens 29 September.