It’s finally here! Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s cult comic Preacher has gotten its TV series adaptation, and its very first trailer is now out. The Preacher TV series will be premiering on AMC in May 2016.

The Preacher comic was a cult classic and followed the Reverend Jesse Custer, a tough Texan Preacher who has lost his faith after finding out God has left Heaven and abandoned his responsibilities. In his journey to find God and confront him for his dereliction of duties, he is accompanied by his former girlfriend Tulip O’hare and friendly, hard drinking vampire named Cassidy. Throughout their journey they will face challenges the likes of the Saint of Killers, a gun-toting gunman whose sole aim is to kill Jesse, a serial killer called the Reaver-cleaver and many more.

Due to its religious theme and controversial subjects, Preacher has been through development hell in its first attempt at a movie adaptation, so it’s a great to see that someone has managed to find the guts to put it out to screen. And with AMC doing a swell job in adpating The Walking Dead for TV, we’re hoping the Preacher TV series will also find some lasting success as the former.