You heard that right, river survival game The Flame in the Flood is headed for Steam Early Access.

Created by developer The Molasses Flood (formerly devs from Irrational Games), the game was Kickstarted sometime last year, raising over $250K in funds. The game itself is about a girl and her dog attempting to survive a post-apocalyptic river journey with only their wit and each other to survive the harsh environment. You will have to rely on your raft to traverse bodies of water and other environmental factors to keep yourself warm or safe from wolves that prowl the night.

Survival games are pretty much a dime a dozen now, with games like The Long Dark, the Forest and Subnautica taking the spotlight so The Flame in the Flood is a quite refreshing departure from the usual themes. Plus it’s a top down adventure with an interesting art style so you can’t go wrong with that. The Flame in the Flood is looking to be a rather unique experience to say the least.

The game will be available for purchase via Steam Early Access on 24 September later this month. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

You can check out the trailer below:

via Polygon

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