For those who have been waiting for the Half-Life and Portal movies that are being worked on by J.J Abrams, don’t fret, they’re still in the works and have writers working on the films.

While the update isn’t really exciting (in the words of Abrams) he’s pleased to reveal that the project is still alive and kicking.

The projects were originally revealed at DICE 2013, in a collaboration with Valve. He and Gabe Newell, the man behind Valve, apparently were in talks for years about storytelling in film and video games, which eventually brought them to do these movie adaptations.

Previously they had collaborated on an interactive trailer for Super 8 in 2011, which ended up inside Portal 2.

Either than that, there really isn’t any new information regarding the new movies so we’re at the very least glad that they’re still plodding along however slowly.