The first ever (and first SeatStory Cup-style) major Hearthstone tourney in Southeast Asia is happening in Singapore this weekend, check out the details here!

Dubbed the Hearthstone Singapore Major, the tournament is happening from the 8 to 10 April at Enzo Games & The Bunc Hotel. The 256-man offline tournament will be seeing over 60 players flying in from all around APAC to compete for the 43 Hearthstone Championship Tour points, which will be awarded to the top eight players.

The played format here will be double elimination, 4H 1B conquest 2.0 and Best of 5 rounds in the 256-player bracket. Ro256, Ro128 and Ro64 on 8 April at Enzo Games while Ro32 will be held at Bunc Hostel from 9 to 10 April.

For more information, hit up their official site here.