Valve’s incredibly popular annual Dota 2 tournament, The International is out breaking records once again; having what could be described as the biggest prize pool in gaming history. And it’s still growing!

The prize pool currently stands at a massive $18,774,638 dollars as of time of writing. That’s a hefty 76 million Ringgit right there. Last year’s The International (TI 5) racked in a good $18,429,613 of prize money but this year’s pool is already beating it by a fair bit, with still two weeks to spare.

Do bear in mind though that  the prize pool provided by Valve started at $1,600,000, which is already pretty huge as far as eSports prize money goes.

TI 6 battlepass

How it generates the funds is by way of crowdfunding; players buy a Battle Pass which reward players with in-game rewards and a portion of the sales (25%) goes to the prize pool. A Battle Pass starts at RM39 with different bundle options containing different sorts of loot.

They’re also awarding every Battle Pass owner three Trust of the Benefactor rewards to celebrate this record breaking occasion. Woot!


The International is but two weeks away, but we’re sure that that prize pool is gonna keep steadily crawling higher.

You can check out their page here if you’re interested in the finer details and Battle Pass rewards!