iphone 6

Apple fanbois and fangirls. The day you’ve been waiting for is here. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has finally hit our shores.

Maxis CEO Martin Lundal personally delivering an iPhone 6 to a customer
Maxis CEO Morten Lundal personally delivering an iPhone 6 to a customer

The launch of Apple’s highly anticipated smartphone and phablet was done with much fanfare by the Malaysian telcos. DiGi had their QueLi winners, six lucky users that won their own QueLi, sort of manservants that will queue up to get the iPhones for them. Maxis on the other took it a step further by personally delivering 200 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to customers that range from the Klang Valley and even Kuching. In fact Maxis CEO, Morten Lundal, himself went to deliver a unit to lucky customer Rastam Hadi Samsudin, who was one of the first people to pre-order the phone from Maxis when it opened in late October.

The lucky DiGi customers with their QueLis and iPhone 6s

So now that’s it’s officially what sort of damage are we looking at? On pure retail price with no contracts, you’re looking at RM2,399 for a start, for the iPhone 6. That’s the price for the 16GB version. For the 64GB and 128GB versions, you’re looking at RM2,749 and RM3,149 respectively. As for the phabulous iPhone 6 Plus? The 16GB version is RM2,749 while the 64GB and 128GB versions are going for RM3,149 and RM3,549 respectively.

Of course each of the major telcos are also offering their own discounted prices IF you sign on with a package and contract with them. We’ve listed the links to the respective pages so you can find out more, below.




Aside from the telcos, you can also order your iPhones from the online Apple store here (between 1-2 weeks for delivery), any Apple Premium Reseller store, and even head over to some SenQ and SenHeng shops to get your iPhone. So, if you’re an Apple fan, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to buy them, just as long as you’re willing to wait and be patient once stocks run out.

Maxis Delivery image courtesy of Vernonchan.com