Jabra has launched a new sports headset and its one that will help you get fit. The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless is a wireless headset that comes with intelligent audio coaching (hence the name) that will help you sort out your routine and workouts, with special focus on those interested in cross training.

Jabra sport coach main

The headset will guide though any one of over 40 exercises from beginner to advanced with personalised in-ear coaching as you hit your workout with your favourite music. Like many members of Jabra’s family of sports oriented audio devices, it comes with three sets of eargels of different sizes for comfort and is shock and weatherproof up to IP55 standards. This means you could take a short run in the rain, but its not exactly built for a full blown swim.

It also will happily pair up using NFC or Bluetooth to your smartphone, while the intergrated TrackFit motion sensor will measure distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned to keep track of your progress. The Sport Coach Wireless of course comes with Jabra’s own fitness app, Jabra Sports Life. It doesn’t have a heartbeat sensor though, but if you happen to need one you could find it in it’s sibling the Jabra Sports Pulse.

sport life app
As for the audio, the headset is bolstered by Dolby Sound Enhancement to keep your music sounding sweet and clear, even while listening to tracks off YouTube. Combined with its wireless form which just hangs out behind your head and away from getting tangled up while you pump iron, you may very well just forget its there.

The device will be priced at RM649 and will be available starting  in Blue, Red and Yellow colour variants.

You can check out more details on the Jabra Sports Coach Wireless here or catch the video below.

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