Pokemon go main pic

The next update for Pokemon Go is already rolling out for iOS and Android, but it also comes with some pretty big changes, including those daily bonuses and some not-so-nice tweaks to the game.

One of the big updates includes what happens after you take down a gym. Before this waiting snipers could jump in and nab the gym the moment it gets knocked down, but now you will have a surefire chance at grabbing the gym after its defenders are defeated.

However, the prestige of a gym will decrease even more when defeated. You will also earn less when training in your own team’s gyms. This essentially means it will be easier for lower level players to check out gyms, but on the flipside it also means stronger ones will have an easier job of taking them down.

But that’s not the biggest issue players are having. For starters players are saying you no longer can access PokeStop while driving above certain speeds (we tested it out and it still works for us though) essentially making the game unplayable if you’re in a car.

As it is, Pokemon don’t spawn while being a passenger, you can’t “walk” Pokemon while travelling and having blocked all rooters and jail break users, Niantic is having a growing number of disgruntled players on their hands. Oh, that and barely functional Pokemon tracking.

Hopefully, the next updates will have better news, we’d like to have the ability to trade Pokemon in the near future at least.