After its success on Kickstarter and having had a pretty lengthy run in Alpha on Steam, The Long Dark has finally teased a bit of its upcoming Story mode as well as its voice cast.

The Long Dark belongs to a completely different genre of survival game, set in the frozen expanses of Canada following a strange geomagnetic storm has you fighting for survival against the bitter cold. You hunt, craft and kill to survive; for here Mother Nature is your greatest enemy. No zombies or plague virus here.

So far the game has sold over half a million copies and as it is the game is already extremely polished, with new updates adding more regions for Sandbox mode. They’ve been teasing their story mode for quite a bit, because let’s face it, you can only run from wolves, bears and freeze to death so many times before it gets pretty monotonous.

As such, Hinterland Studio has announced that Story Mode will be coming in Spring 2016; after keeping the followers of the game in the dark (snerk) for so long. You can check out the trailer below:

Story mode will focus on the “Flare Event” that caused civilization to collapse, disabling most technology and causing your plane to crash into the harsh winterscape. As it is you can already choose both characters to play as (pilot Will Mackenzie and doctor Astrid Greenwood), with each having their own unique voice and the ability to toggle between them as you play. Gameplay will be similar to that of Sandbox mode but instead with a checkpoint system to keep the story going.

The Long Dark is available on Steam and on the Xbox One for $19.99, but the price will increase when the game actually launches so best snag it now.