Looks like Pokemon Go isn’t the only Pokemon game for mobile now. A new game has been launched for both the iOS and Android and it’s called Pokemon Duel.

While many of us (or at least those of us who are still playing) have been waiting for a dueling option to be released on Pokemon Go by Niantic, it seems that The Pokemon Company has decided to release their own game that allows players to do just that.

The difference is though is it isn’t like the duels you’re used to in the original games. Instead, it plays more like a board game.

Actually, to call it brand new would be a little bit inaccurate as the game was launched in Japan almost a year ago, as Pokemon Comaster and it’s totally in Japanese. However the current release is in English and it has been rebranded as Pokemon Duels.

Pokemon Duel certainly isn’t a solo game, as you can play it against people in the online League Match mode, if you rather not just duke it out against the game’s AI. You’ll encounter more powerful Pokemon as you go along, and you can level up your critters and their Data Disks with a crafting mechanic.

The game is free with some in-app purchase options, but those are optional.

Pokemon Duel is available now on iOS and Android.