digimon adventure tri.

The cast from the first Digimon Adventure tri. film have just dropped the date of the next film to open in the series, Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui (Determination); which will be the 2nd movie in the six part adventure.

The movie is set to open 12 March next year, with the first part “Reunion” opening just a few days ago. Digimon Adventure tri. is set as a sequel to the original Digimon Adventure anime from way back in 1998. So bring your feels, this is going to be a very big trip down nostalgia lane.

The Blu-Ray disk for Reunion will become available 18 December; with the Digimon Adventure tri. anime to also be streamed on Crunchyroll‘s anime streaming service. They will also be streaming the “next chapter” of the series come winter 2016; though we’re not entirely sure how many episodes they will be showcasing.