Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is going to be the next Far Cry game to come along. Now we can have our butts chewed on by angry sabertoothed tigers rather than rabid badgers.

Ubisoft put up a teaser featuring a cave painting on livestream and promised exciting news. Thanks to a bit of digging by Kotaku we now know the announcement is for a new game in the Far Cry franchise that transports you all the way back to the Ice Age.

The game will probably have you hunting wooly mammoths, sabertooth tigers and other prehistoric animals with crude bows and spears. Maybe even tribal warfare. Its unlikely to have any dinosaurs in it but hey, there probably will be a mod for that.

There aren’t any more details on the new game as of yet, and the livestream is still showing said cave painting so they’re not spilling the beans just yet. This will be a nice “inbetween” game for Ubisoft since Far Cry 5 is quite a long way off.