Turns out the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have that much storage under the hood, after the hardware specs were dropped, and it recently was discovered that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would eat up almost half of your internal storage if downloaded to the device.

With the 32GB internal storage for the Switch, this could be a problem for those who want to pick up digital versions of their game, though Breath of the Wild is also available on a game card.

image from Mashable
image from Mashable

Of course, the Switch can accept microSDHC and microSDXC cards for extra storage but you’ll only be able to find a max of 512GB on the market. Of course 1TB cards do exist, and the Switch can support up to 2TB in capacity, you simply can’t buy those yet. This is also bearing in mind that the internal storage will be consumed in some degree by the Switch’s OS and the like, giving you less storage to start with.

It’s currently unknown if the Switch’s USB dock can be attached to an external storage like an external hard disk. Would be amazing if it could though, you could keep all your big games at home and just take a few of your faves along with you on the go.

Right now the best solution would probably to get the biggest SD card you can find and slot it in or stick to the physical cards, but all in 128GB of internal storage would have been nice, but it could have jacked up the price of the Switch further (as it stands, USD299.99) so users will just have to make do, somehow.