Nintendo’s latest portable console the Nintendo Switch might allow you to take it with you much like you did with the Nintendo 3DS, but it comes with a catch.

This report from Digital Foundry would encourage you to leave that console at home, though because it runs at its best when hooked up to the TV. When it’s been removed, it apparently clocks up to 40% slower speeds compared to when it’s docked and their sources says the GPU speeds changes drastically when it’s in portable mode.

The console is using a variation of the Nvidia Tegra X1, which is capable of 1GHz speeds, but the Nintendo Switch’s version will only hit 768MHz at best, according to the report. This puts it behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which doesn’t entirely surprise us.

Here’s the reported specs docked and undocked:nintendo switch cpu speeds

Hopefully, when the Switch actually hits the market there won’t be any big differences in performance when it’s in portable mode. We’ll be hearing more about the mysterious console when Nintendo takes it on tour in mid-January next year.