The PlayStation VR (PSVR) now has a launch date and price, and will be getting a gun peripheral called the PS VR Aim Controller. Looks like E3 is really all about the VR this year.

It does look like it has a Playstation Move controller planted in it, but it’s part of the unit this time instead of just being a snap-on plastic peripheral.

PSVR aim

The PS VR Aim Controller will provide “direct 1 to 1 tracking” and will allow you to experience more presence in whichever virtual world you’re currently traversing.

One such game you’ll get to experience this is Farpoint, an FPS developed just for the PSVR.

Also, the PSVR will drop 13 October and will retail for a pretty $399 (about RM 1636) but don’t forget, it won’t be bundled together with the camera it needs to function, which is a separate purchase.