Ever wished you could own your very own gleaming metal statue of Darth Vader? now you can.

Royal Selangor, in conjunction with Disney, have produced a line of limited edition Star Wars merchandise out of pewter, much to the delight of fans. The figurines are cast from pure metal and are incredibly detailed, and unfortunately will cost you an arm and a leg as well, with the collection starting at RM201 going all the way to RM 3180 for the largest piece.

The Royal Selangor Star Wars collection goes from larger statuettes with the likes of characters like Yoda, Boba Fett and of course Darth Vader, to smaller trinkets like the Millennium Falcon USB drive, Empire/Rebels cufflinks, the ridiculously awesome Luke vs Rancor diorama and of course, engraved pewter mugs. They also had a huge life-sized Carbonite Han solo for display as well, as the prize for their contest.


Of the pewter figures on display, Royal Selangor will only be producing a limited quantity of the Darth Vader, Slave Leia and Han Solo figures, so if you’re planning to get these better snap them up quick. Still, the collection is incredibly cool, and we hope that it’s popular enough that they decide to make another run featuring other characters. Maybe Rogue One in the future?

For a more detailed price list you can head over to Royal Selangor’s page

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